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  • TP-6806

    Residential/Commercial Generator Sets Models: 14RESA/RESAL 20RESA/RESAL 20RESC/20RESCL TP-6806 7/20f Service Parts Common Replacement Parts Figure 1 identifies 2000-hour common replacement parts for your generator set. Refer to the groups on the following pages for a complete list of maintenance and service parts. Quantity Description Part Number 14RESA 20RESA/C Sensor, oil temperature GM28823 1 1 Filter, oil 12 050 01-S 8 Filter, oil 52 050 02-S 8 Oil, Synthetic...

  • g4-245

    Models: 14RESA(L) Multi-Fuel LPG/Natural Gas Standard Features D RDC2 Controller d One digital controller manages both the generator set and transfer switch functions (with optional Model RXT). d Designed for today’s most sophisticated electronics. d Electronic speed control responds quickly to varying demand. d Digital voltage regulation protects your sensitive electronics from harmonic distortion and unstable power quality. d OnCuer Plus Generator Management System for...

1-10 of 29 products