Emergency Preparation

Plan to Protect Your Home and Family

Any home is susceptible to power outages, especially when it comes to severe weather. Being prepared is your best defense. We’ve got tips to help keep you, your family and your home safe and secure during the next power outage or weather emergency.

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The Purchase Process

If you live in a region like New England that’s prone to bad weather and power outages, you understand the importance of protecting your home or small business with backup power. After Superstorm Sandy and Snowstorm Nemo, having a backup power system is virtually a must.

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When the Power Went Out in Pittsburgh

Natural disasters and severe weather have given people across the country a reason to protect their homes or businesses with backup power— especially after Superstorm Sandy, when millions of people were left without it. The effects of the storm were felt throughout the Mid-Atlantic, and in Pittsburgh, people braced for storms like Sandy and, fortunately, dodged the bullet.

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Prepare Your Home for Winter

Every year brings about a whole host of severe weather events. With recent storms like Sandy, we’re reminded of the importance to plan ahead and prepare our home and family the best we can. Here are five tips to prepare your home for the winter weather season.

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Protect Your Home-Based Business

If you work from home, you’re in good company. One in five employed Americans do some or all their work at home. Home-based businesses and telecommuters are on track to increase by more than 10% over the next several years.

For the increasing number of us who work at home, a power outage isn’t an inconvenience; it’s a threat to our livelihoods. Here are five things you can do to help prepare your business for a power outage.

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Bad Weather Never Takes a Holiday

As a master pipefitter and master plumber, I get a lot of questions from homeowners who have lost heat in the middle of winter. Many times the heating equipment itself fails, but often it’s a severe winter storm that knocks out electrical power to the home. Once power is lost, the heating system may shut down as well.

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